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Achieve Your Vitality with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and Restorative Therapy

At Vitality Medical Center of Baton Rouge, Thomas K. Bond, MD, MS, is pleased to help patients interested in learning more about Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and Restorative Therapy in the Greater Baton Rouge area, including Baton Rouge, St. George, Prairieville, Denham Springs, Walker, Central, Zachary, Baker, Gonzales, and Donaldsonville.

Defining Bio-Identical Hormones

Bio-identical hormones are not synthetic hormones, but natural, organic, and plant derived. Bio-identical hormones contain a molecular composition identical to human hormones. Due to their unique molecular structure, these hormones are received into the body in a manner similar to the way in which the body responds to its own hormones.

Examples of Bio-Identical Hormones Offered by Vitality Medical Center of Baton Rouge
Estrogen: Estrogen is one of the primary female sex hormones responsible for regulating a woman’s reproductive system and sex characteristics. As a woman ages, estrogen levels steadily decrease. This decrease not only contributes to the onset of menopause, but is also responsible for bone density changes, inflammatory changes, and loss of cardiovascular protection. As estrogen levels decrease, many negative symptoms develop: low sex drive, weight gain, irritability, hot flashes, dry skin, thinning hair, and vaginal atrophy and migraines, to name a few. Restoring estrogen with a bio-identical hormone replacement can help minimize and even resolve these unpleasant symptoms.

Progesterone: Progesterone is another primary female sex hormone that has many responsibilities. Progesterone is a natural mood-stabilizing agent, assists with deep sound quality of sleep, and aids in regulating women’s menstrual cycle. Declining or loss of progesterone levels can result in symptoms of irregular menstrual cycles, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, and difficulty with sleep. Restoring progesterone with bio-identical hormone replacement can help minimize and even resolve these unpleasant symptoms.

Testosterone: The hormone testosterone is not only an extremely important hormone for men but for women as well. That’s right: women have the powerful and ever so important testosterone hormone. In both men and women, testosterone plays a vital role in one’s overall mood, energy level, motivation and drive. Testosterone is also vital for the loss of adipose fat tissue and the ability to gain lean muscle mass. As men and women age, testosterone levels steadily decline, resulting in many unpleasant and undesired symptoms. Testosterone in both men and women is essential for a healthy sex drive. Replacing naturally occurring testosterone with a bio-identical hormone can help men and women regain the vitality of their younger years as they age.