Growth Hormone Supplementation

Growth Hormone Supplementation

Achieve Your Vitality with Growth Hormone Supplementation

At Vitality Medical Center of Baton Rouge, Thomas K. Bond, MD, MS, is pleased to help patients interested in learning more about Growth Hormone Supplementation Therapy in the Greater Baton Rouge area, including Baton Rouge, St. George, Prairieville, Denham Springs, Walker, Central, Zachary, Baker, Gonzales, and Donaldsonville.

What Is Growth Hormone?

Growth hormone is responsible for cell regeneration and reproduction. Originating in the pituitary gland and secreted into the bloodstream, growth hormone interacts with tissues in the body. It contributes to the development of bone and cartilage. In both children and adults, growth hormone stimulates protein production and the body’s ability to utilize fat.

As we age, growth hormone levels steadily decline, which can affect energy levels, muscle strength, joint health, exercise performance, and metabolism. In appropriate patients, Growth hormone supplementation can safely and effectively help individuals facing symptoms of growth hormone decline and deficiency.

What Are Some of the Benefits Growth Hormone Supplementation Therapy Can Provide Offered by Vitality Medical Center of Baton Rouge?
*Supporting Muscle Strength: Growth hormone supplementation therapy can address issues with declining muscle mass and strength as we age.

*Promoting Optimal Exercise and Athletic Performance: Along with supporting bone density, muscle mass, and strength, growth hormone supplementation therapy can also promote optimal exercise performance through enhanced oxygen usage.

*Boosting Heart Health: Growth hormone deficiency can impact heart functioning which, depending on many factors, can contribute to poor heart health.

*Enhancing Joint Health: By enhancing bone mineral density and boosting muscle mass and strength, growth hormone supplementation therapy can help to promote joint health and decrease levels of joint deterioration associated with arthritis.

*Optimizing Metabolism: A growth hormone deficiency can support increased protein processing, regulate carbohydrate metabolism, address issues with LDL cholesterol, and support body metabolism.